Wine-Coloured Baltic Amber Worry Beads

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Amber is the most popular material among worry beads. It is essentially tree resin -a sticky substance pine trees produce- that has been fossilized over the years. Amber is an organic material found in an array of colours and these differences in colour are a result of amber’s chemistry with the rest of the materials that it was fermented with, during its conversion from a liquid, sticky substance into a fossil. These colours range from intense gold to brown, red or even green and in terms of density there are a few variations, as well – transparent, semi-transparent or opaque. In terms of texture, it is quite smooth and warm to the touch and when it burns it releases a pleasant pine scent.

This is a set of wine-coloured, transparent Baltic amber worry beads. The beads are oval-shaped, like tiny barrels.

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21 gr


23 beads


14 x 6 x 9 mm